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The Digital Classroom Mastery Course

Upgrade Your Teaching Skills by Mastering Digital Tools and Interactive Technology, From Infographics to AI, to Enhance Student Learning and Engagement Both On- And Offline.
Improve your teaching with technology

Learn about the necessary tools and practical tips to integrate technology into the everyday classroom

Ready to revolutionize your teaching approach and unleash the power of cutting-edge digital tools? Imagine captivating your students with interactive infographics, engaging videos, dynamic quizzes, and even using AI.

Look no further. Our one-week intensive course awaits you in the breathtaking paradise of sunny Tenerife.

Every module of the course will be taught by expert instructors in their field and will cover a different topic. You don’t need any prior knowledge! Whether you’re a fresh-faced educator or a seasoned professional, this course will equip you with the skills to craft dynamic, engaging, and incredibly effective lessons that will captivate and motivate your students to learn. Why wait any longer? 

The Digital Classroom Mastery Course

At A Glance

Get ready to revolutionize your teaching approach and inspire your students like never before. Take part in exciting activities that will allow you to:

Implement and create videos
Use Canva at its full potential
Create interactive exercises
Create podcasts and audio
Use AI in education
Play Video

What will you learn?

  • What Is Canva? – 30 min Seminar
  • Basic Design Rules – 30 min Seminar
  • Introduction to Canva – 30 min Workshop
  • Your First Canva Design (Business Cards, Infographics Ie.) – Practical Training
  • Creating a Simple Website With Canva – Practical Training
  • What Are Podcasts? – 45 min Demonstration
  • Podcast Types and How to Choose the Best One – 90 min Workshop
  • Audacity Introduction – 45 min Demonstration
  • Creating a Podcast Strategy and Your Introduction – Practical Training
  • How to Create Your Own Podcast
  • What to Know Before Creating a Video
  • Choosing a Video Format
  • Steps to Create a Video
  • Practical Part – Shooting Your Video
  • Inshot & Canva Demonstration and Editing Your Video
  • Genially and Kahoot? Content Types – 45 min Seminar
  • Benefits of Using Interactive Content – 45 min Seminar
  • Creating Quizzes, Flashcards, Image Hotspots – 90 min Workshop
  • Create a Presentation Using Interactive Exercises – Practical Training
  • Actionbound
  • Introducing the Concept of AI and Its Role in Education
  • Exploring AI-powered Adaptive Learning Content Creation
  • Hands-on Experience with AI-Assisted Content Production
  • Discussing the Future of AI in Digital Classrooms: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Creating an AI-Enhanced Digital Lesson – Practical Training
  • Feedback Session, Testimonials, Certificates

Your Trainers

Get Trained By Our Expert Educators

Alberto Linares Reyes

Project Coordinator | Podcast

Emma Vangerven

Social Media Manager

Veronika Wenigová

Web Designer / Entrepreneur


Leisure Time Activities

Participants are offered many free leisure activities in the afternoon, including:
Welcome breakfast


Garden Visit





* paid activity

On the weekends we can organize...


Pricing & Details

1-Week Course

490 €

Next Starting Dates

20.11.2023 12.02.2024 04.03.2024 08.04.2024 01.07.2024 26.08.2024 21.10.2024 25.11.2024

Course Details

Right next to the Botanical Garden in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, is the FU International Academy where your course takes place. You’ll study in a relaxed atmosphere in an international setting. During your break you can enjoy the conversation with your classmates on the sun terrace of our own cafetería, the FU Café.

  • Individuals
  • Erasmus+ Staff Mobility (OID: E10017814)
  • Small Businesses
  • German Bildungsurlaub

The acquired tools and techniques can be further implemented at work with children, colleagues or adult students.

The base course price is indicated above and includes all the features listed below the price.ᅠ

We can arrange additional services for you, such as accommodation (hotels & self-catering apartments), half-day and one-day trips, cultural activities, airport transfer, and local transportation. Most of them can be added during the booking process.


Engage your students in the learning process and upgrade your digital skills.

There are many digital options to make your classes fun and interactive that you may not know about yet.

Engage your students in the learning process and upgrade your digital skills.

There are many digital options to make your classes fun and interactive that you may not know about yet.

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