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Gamify your lesson Course

The practical training on active and game-based learning for teachers and educators. Our goal is to unlock the potential of games in your classroom, making learning not just effective but also enjoyable and engaging.
Gamify Your Lesson

Active and game based learning in practice

Playing is one of the most natural ways to learn and one of our basic human needs. Games engage us in and provide the space for learning new things and for interactions with others. Through games we can engage students in the learning process, start the group discussion,  introduce the topic in a more interactive way and prolong the learning effect. Playing also helps to develop problem solving skills, critical thinking, communication and social skills.

It is an effective (and funny!) way to engage students who are not interested in the topic,  promote active participation in your classroom, foster motivation and create a space where your students can discover, experiment and learn.

At the training you will also have the opportunity to play different educational games and get inspired to use them in practice at your classroom. You will get equipped with materials and resources in different languages.

Gamify your lesson Course

At A Glance

This is what will you learn and experience in our 1-week course in beautiful Tenerife.

Prepare engaging lessons using active and experiential, games and game-based learning
Get practical tips on how to create your own gamified method or educational game
Practice different educational games (simulations, escape rooms, role plays, outdoor games)
Learn how to create the safe space and facilitate the game-based learning process
Learn about the potential of game-based learning and how to use it in your classroom
Exchange with other professionals from different countries
Play Video

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to the training and topic
  • Defining learning goals, needs and expectations
  • Good learning experience
  • How do we learn and what do we need to really learn
  • Game based learning activity: let’s play the game together


  • Experiential learning
  • Game based learning
    • theory and definitions
    • when and why to use game based learning
  • Game based learning activity: educational escape room


  • Facilitator’s attitude and tips on facilitation of active learning methods and game based learning
  • Educational Games
    • what makes an educational game
    • setting up learning
    • game mechanics applicable to education
    • different types of educational games
  • Game based learning activity: outdoor games


  • Step-By-Step design of educational games
    • individual/small group work on gamified activities with the support of the trainer and the group


  • Step-By-Step design of educational games
    • sharing and feedback round
    • ideas for improvement
  • Evaluation of the learning process
  • Planning next steps and continuous learning
  • Closing and Feedback session
  • Certificates


Your Trainer

Meet Betka, Your Trainer

Bětka Wójcik

Trainer & Facilitator


Leisure Time Activities

Participants are offered many free leisure activities in the afternoon, including:
Welcome breakfast


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Pricing & Details

1-Week Course

490 €

Next Starting Dates

01.04.2024 10.06.2024 30.09.2024 18.11.2024

Course Details

Right next to the Botanical Garden in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, is the FU International Academy where your course takes place. You’ll study in a relaxed atmosphere in an international setting. During your break you can enjoy the conversation with your classmates on the sun terrace of our own cafetería, the FU Café.

  • Individuals
  • Erasmus+ Staff Mobility (OID: E10017814)
  • Small Businesses
  • German Bildungsurlaub

The acquired tools and techniques can be further implemented at work with children, colleagues or adult students.

The base course price is indicated above and includes all the features listed below the price.ᅠ

We can arrange additional services for you, such as accommodation (hotels & self-catering apartments), half-day and one-day trips, cultural activities, airport transfer, and local transportation. Most of them can be added during the booking process.


Unlock The Potential Of Games In Your Classroom

Gain invaluable skills and bring your teaching to the next level.

Unlock The Potential Of Games In Your Classroom

Gain invaluable skills and bring your teaching to the next level.

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