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What are tailor-made projects?

We have organized international projects in the frame of Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and now Erasmus + for the last two decades. We have acted as a sending and intermediate agency for institutions, especially in the area of hotel work placements, while also hosting groups and individuals through our online marketing program SEOintheSUN.

If you’re looking to gain real-life work experience about a certain field or industry sector, but can’t find it in our internship offers, we will create a tailor-made project within any sector to suit your needs. While we have organized tailor-made projects in the fields of wine production, Spanish inclusion and e-commerce websites, we can accommodate any field of interest, creating seminars that follow individual on-the-job training within your desired field of interest.

Participants are also given the chance to take part in a one-week basic Spanish course in order to linguistically prepare for their work experience. These classes will be specifically tailored to your needs, focusing on vocabulary and cultural practices that are most associated with your chosen sector.

FU International Academy’s SEOintheSUN program takes place at our school in the beautiful city of Puerto de la Cruz. Additional to your work experience, you will also have the chance to soak up some culture, exploring the tropical island of Tenerife through different leisure activities and group excursions.

Erasmus+ Host

The costs of mobility projects are covered by Erasmus+ funds and FU Academy offers full service and organization of your stay in Tenerife. This includes the completion of necessary paperwork required for Erasmus+ projects, as well as airport transportation and accommodation either in shared apartments or one of our partnered hotels.

Project Outcomes:

  • Work experience in a field or industry sector of your choice

  • Period of 1-12 weeks with flexible start and end dates (we’re open all year round!)

  • Planning and execution of seminar and training content

  • Spanish language course if required

  • Accommodation in a hotel or shared apartment

  • Option to join in leisure activities and cultural visits around the island


  • The students can participate in our free leisure activities, which includes a visit to the botanical garden, surf trials, salsa and flamenco lessons, Spanish culture introduction and volleyball together with the language school students.

  • Visit at the Loro Parque – the famous parrot paradise.

  • Fun day at Siam Park – the water kingdom of Europe.

  • One day excursion to La Gomera, the beautiful neighboring island of Tenerife.

  • Hiking trip to Maska to check out the hidden miracles of the island.

  • Day tour at Las Cañadas del Teide – the world’s third largest volcano.

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Very useful and professional training

We highly appreciate participating in the course because we have learned a lot. Very useful professional training with a very competent experienced trainer in the field. We also enjoyed organization and school facilities. We would recommend this course to all who want to have competent knowledge in online marketing and want to be successful in working life.

Jana & Libor Teachers

Great Opportunity to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

The seminar at SEOintheSUN was a great opportunity to get an inside view of our digital marketing strategy in the company and learn about effective approaches, methods and tools in communication with our target groups. Frank, Orsolya and Semmy generously shared their knowledge and were always ready to give an advice about any digital marketing related issue during the seminar.

Goran Head of Organization

The Day I Joined the Project Changed Everything

The Erasmus + project in Tenerife was probably the best thing that could happen, not only because I learned a lot of new things, but also because I discovered that I might be interested in digital marketing and felt very good when I wrote articles.

The experience really gave me motivation for the future, to go study abroad, to try new things and to succeed. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life and I am sure it will help me in my career.

Lara Student

¡Adios Tenerife, hasta la próxima!

At FU International Academy I learned about things that I am very interested in and school was never boring. We wrote blog posts, created Facebook business pages and landing pages, worked with Wordpress, Canva, Trello, Google plugins, Photoscape, etc. Our trainers were one of the best teachers we ever had. We learned about programs and things that will be useful and beneficial in our school and professional life. Now it’s much easier to understand how marketing and social media works and how are companies using it.

Irma Student

Informative and Captivating Lecturers

We have just come back from an intensive 5-day teacher training course about online marketing at FU International Academy Tenerife and we all agree that the course, the teachers as well as the whole experience were amazing.

Even though we were teachers of different subjects with different levels of prior knowledge about the topic, we all found the lectures informative and captivating, yet easy enough to follow. All the lectures were supported by well-prepared presentations, real-life examples and first-hand experience as all the teachers from FU International Academy also do what they teach.

We were also extremely pleased with the overall organization of our stay in Tenerife. We worked hard and learned a lot, but at the same time, we had enough time to explore the island and socialize.

Slovenian Teachers

Those places impressed me

This project was an amazing experience for me because I learned many things, I visited places which impressed me, I met wonderful people and I created memories which will never be forgotten. The workshops were interesting and interactive, managing to catch your attention very easily. I am very happy because I participated in this project and I would repeat this experience any time.

Paula Student

It feels good to learn in the sun

My experience about this trip where I come to learn and to visit new places was magnificent! I am amazed by all things I did and I saw like the ocean, the beach, the mountain Teide - And the pleasure learning in sun, with all new people I meet, friendly faces who are always nice to you. It feels good to learn in the sun.

Radu Student

I would really like to stay here more

In this three weeks, I have learned a lot about digital marketing, creating web pages, editing images, writing blogs and so on. I know that what I learned here it is going to help me a lot in upcoming projects, schoolwork and similar. Trainers here are very kind, full of energy and will help you with any kind of problem. On FU Academy we also learned how to dance salsa and flamenco and little about Spanish culture.

Of course, we’ve had some interesting excursions like Loro Parque and El Teide. They were both very nice but I liked the El Teide more because nature there is fascinating.

Jošt Student

I can grow my business now!

My experience with this Erasmus + project was a very enjoyable one because I met new people and I learned with SEOintheSun how Digital Marketing works and how I can grow my business. This week in this company I really enjoyed the seminar when I learned how Google works and how to optimize and how to increase traffic on my site. I wish to come back!

Alexandru Student

One of the Most Professional Courses

I thought this is one of the most professional courses I have ever attended. I'm glad I attended this course and I suggested to others who are interested. It was more than I expected. Thank you!

Angele Teacher

The program was wonderful

After the 2 weeks spent in Tenerife, I will stay with a very good impression about this program. I have learned what teamwork really means and that we have to collaborate. Not only that the program was wonderful, but also the excursions and the exotic landscape of Tenerife.

Adrian Student

Beautiful Tenerife and awesome people

Erasmus + gave us the opportunity to go to Tenerife and get a lot of new knowledge. I was very excited to go on the trip because I have been in love with Spain and their culture since mine childhood. I was talking to local people in Spanish and have improved my Spanish. I am enthusiastic about Spanish people because they are so warm and friendly. Life in Spain is slower than ours and I like this a lot. The ocean is very nice and I like those big waves. If you are not careful enough, you quickly fall into the water.

Julija Student


We got this great opportunity to come to FU International Academy and I will never forget it. I have learned a lot in these three weeks. I did not expect it to be so interesting and useful in the future. They showed me the world of Digital Marketing I’ve learned a lot, like how to create a landing page, what to put in the landing page that will get the attention.

I have also learned things about Social media that I didn’t know before. Things that they showed me are very useful and easy to use. We use tools such as Canva, Trello, Drive… I really liked working with Canva and creating pictures with it and that was very easy and fun to do because you don’t have to do much to make the photo perfect.

Anja Student

It was amazing!

I will miss Tenerife, I will miss FU-IA. This was an amazing experience and I won’t forget what happened here. The things that I learned will help me a lot in the future, being able to be an amateur digital marketer. This company, SEOintheSun, helped me understand how to work in digital marketing, how to talk with my client and how to start my own company. This was a great opportunity.

Andreea Student

SEOintheSun means a lot to me

SEOintheSun means a lot to me - here I learned how to use different programs such as Canva, Photoscape, Trello and of course, I met new people. Also, I discovered in this two weeks the beauty of the Island of Eternal Spring and I enjoyed fully every corner of Tenerife.
All the workshops were understandable and I was captivated by the information that our trainers gave to us. If I will have another chance to participate in this kind of project, I’m sure that I will come back here.

Sânziana Student

I can’t describe how much all this SEO and content marketing inspired me

In our three fantastic weeks we learned so much and not just on FU Academy but also managing our finances, and basically living on my own.
I can’t describe how much all this SEO and content marketing inspired me to make an website and earn money. ...Right away when I arrive to Slovenia I’ll make the best out of all these knowledge i’ve gained here and make a website.

Matej Student


The second I stepped of the airplane I loved every single thing I saw. The weather, the palm trees, the kindness of Spanish people and Spanish language of course. Of course, the atmosphere was a lot better because I had my friends by my side and throughout the whole trip we’ve been a support system for each other. Three weeks in another country doesn’t sound so much, but after you’re putten in a different environment for this long you start to miss your home and your loved ones. But this is kind of the best part because with that I’ve learned how to be independent. The whole experience was amazing and I hope it is not my last time, actually I know I’ll come here again. If not to study then just on a vacation.

Anja Student

This was a really wonderful experience that I will never forget.

I learned a lot about SEO, social media, creating my own website, writing articles, using hashtags, editing pictures and much more. All the knowledge I have gained will come in handy for school and also for my future life in general.

By living abroad, I had the opportunity to develop my spanish language skills and also improve my english by using it daily. I have also gained experience in my social life as I became more independent.

Neza Student

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