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Addressing Conflict to Prevent Bullying Course

Learn techniques for conflict resolution & fostering a warm atmosphere in schools.
Tired of conflict bringing you down? Tired of workplace, home and school conflicts? Want to act to prevent bullying?

Say NO to conflicts!

No matter how close a team is, conflicts are unpredictable and can still occur. When a conflict is not managed well, it will negatively affect classroom performance, school climate, etc. In your role as a teacher, you must know when to intervene by addressing conflicts to prevent bullying. Ignoring even a seemingly minor conflict could poison a situation and ultimately wreak havoc.

In this course, I help teachers to create a safe school environment that is about acceptance and appreciation, free of bullying and conflicts, where everyone can be themselves in their daily practice.

In this workshop, we will learn to look at conflict as an opportunity for improvement. We will practice some techniques to address and solve conflictual situations that can occur in our everyday life. To do so we will learn how to:

✔ Address and understand different types of personalities in order to create healthy relationships with our peers and students
✔ Deal with stress and anger, and learn how to understand and manage emotions
✔ Acquire tools to improve the way we communicate
✔ Discuss bullying and different types of bullying, as well as provide useful tips to help prevent it from happening

Addressing Conflict to Prevent Bullying Course

At A Glance

By enhancing everyone’s creativity and curiosity, we can create a warm atmosphere at school, where everyone feels welcomed. To spark teachers’s creativity and motivation, we will cover a series of crucial topics that will help you master challenging situations.

Turning crisis into an opportunity
Understanding emotions
Using drama techniques to address conflict and bullying
Team building activities to build trust and acceptance
Stress and anger management
Working on Self-reflection
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What will you learn?

  • Understanding the keys to a safe environment
  • Grounding some terminology – Conflict vs Bullying
  • Turning crisis into opportunity
  • Embracing conflict, addressing conflict
  • Drama techniques to address conflict
  • Microaggressions
  • Working on self-reflection and observation
  • Cognitive distortions
  • Non Violent Communication (NVC)
  • Active Listening
  • Types of personality – The Enneagram
  • How to address each personality type?
  • Communication for prevention
  • Communication activities to create a bonding atmosphere
  • Discussion and self-reflection as daily tools
  • Stress management approaches
  • Anger management approaches – EFT tapping
  • Drama techniques to find solutions
  • Mindfulness techniques to find solutions
  • Gamification as a solution
  • Minimizing stress – Dealing with feelings
  • Tools to express feelings without getting overwhelmed by them
  • Bullying, a different perspective
  • Preventing bullying
  • Using mindfulness as a daily tool
  • Using creativity as a daily tool
  • Embodying, using movement as a daily technique
  • Creating a safe environment to prevent bullying
  • Team building activities to increase acceptance & trust
  • Group discussion and self-reflection
  • Multiculturalism, accepting every difference
  • Observing unconscious brain patterns
  • The 5 As as a daily practice
  • Take responsibility, what to change in your daily practice?
  • Final project evaluation & discussion
  • What happens next?
  • Final questions
  • Feedback session, testimonials, certificates

Your Trainer

Get trained by our Teaching Specialist María Hernández

María Isabel Hernández Díaz



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Pricing & Details

1-Week Course

490 €

Next Starting Dates

18.03.2024 03.06.2024 26.08.2024 16.09.2024

Course Details

Right next to the Botanical Garden in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, is the FU International Academy where your course takes place. You’ll study in a relaxed atmosphere in an international setting. During your break you can enjoy the conversation with your classmates on the sun terrace of our own cafetería, the FU Café.

  • Individuals
  • Erasmus+ Staff Mobility (OID: E10017814)
  • Small Businesses
  • German Bildungsurlaub

The acquired tools and techniques can be further implemented at work with children, colleagues or adult students.

The base course price is indicated above and includes all the features listed below the price.ᅠ

We can arrange additional services for you, such as accommodation (hotels & self-catering apartments), half-day and one-day trips, cultural activities, airport transfer, and local transportation. Most of them can be added during the booking process.


Willing to take action?

Gain skills to handle conflicts and prevent bullying at school or at work, so you can create a safe and warm environment for your students and coworkers. This is exactly what you’ll learn in this course!

Willing to take action?

Gain skills to handle conflicts and prevent bullying at school or at work, so you can create a safe and warm environment for your students and coworkers. This is exactly what you’ll learn in this course!

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