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Why this internship?

This internship offers young hospitality students the chance to gain valuable and relevant qualifications within their chosen profession. Through this experience, interns gain work experience while adapting to various environments and using the knowledge obtained during their apprenticeship to help further their career. Interns also having the chance to soak up some culture as they explore the tropical island of Tenerife through different leisure activities and group excursions.

Students have the option of participating in a short-term work placement in of up to 6 weeks, or a long-term placement of 6 months. All interns start their hospitality internship with a one-week basic Spanish course in order to linguistically prepare for their work experience, specifically learning language associated with the hospitality sector. Interns are then enrolled in a three-day course to help prepare them for working in a Spanish restaurant or hotel.

After their theoretical training, interns receive a spot at one of 4 participating establishments in their field of studies. Here, students work hands-on with local clients and trainers as they complete specific tasks, such as that of a receptionist, waiter/waitress, housekeeper, administrative assistant, kitchen helper, bartender and/or customer relationship officer. Within these establishments, interns are guided and evaluated by a supervisor, ensuring each student learns confidently and effectively as they gain valuable work and intercultural experience.

These collaborations always prove to be very successful, with 3-4 groups of hospitality students participating each year, so make sure you become a part of our team as you learn to thrive through this unique experience!

Erasmus+ Host

The costs of the mobility projects are covered by Erasmus+ funds and FU Academy offers full service and organization of your stay in Tenerife. This includes the completion of necessary paperwork required for Erasmus+ projects, as well as airport transportation and accommodation either in shared apartments or one of our partnered hotels.

Project Outcomes:

Job-related skills and competences

  • Introduction to basic hospitality concepts and techniques

  • Enhanced skill development through hands-on experience

  • Enrich communication skills through continuous collaboration with peers and trainers

  • Practical application of industry knowledge as guided and evaluated by a trained professional

  • Achievement of some learning outcomes for VCE studies or VCAL units and enhanced employment opportunities.

Organizational and social skills

  • Promote social inclusion and well-being through seminars that address career-building opportunities, provide entrepreneurial tips and self-awareness activities.

  • Enhance time-management skills as participants are required to carefully plan time spent on each task during the working week.

  • Capacity to rapidly adapt to real-life situations in the context of European economic and business relationships.

  • Expand network through interactions with people from Spain and other countries as students openly exchange cultural information.

  • Option to join in leisure time and cultural activities throughout Tenerife.

  • Developing an awareness of responsible, independent living.


  • Students are offered many free leisure activities, including a visit to the botanical garden, surf trials, salsa and flamenco lessons, Spanish culture introduction and volleyball

  • Visit Loro Parque – the famous parrot paradise

  • Spend a fun day at Siam Park – the water kingdom of Europe

  • Travel to La Gomera, and spend the day at this beautiful neighbouring island of Tenerife

  • Take a hiking trip in Maska to check out the hidden miracles of the island

  • Visit the world’s third largest volcano on a day trip to Las Cañadas del Teide

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It feels good to learn in the sun

My experience about this trip where I come to learn and to visit new places was magnificent! I am amazed by all things I did and I saw like the ocean, the beach, the mountain Teide - And the pleasure learning in sun, with all new people I meet, friendly faces who are always nice to you. It feels good to learn in the sun.

Radu Student

The program was wonderful

After the 2 weeks spent in Tenerife, I will stay with a very good impression about this program. I have learned what teamwork really means and that we have to collaborate. Not only that the program was wonderful, but also the excursions and the exotic landscape of Tenerife.

Adrian Student


The second I stepped of the airplane I loved every single thing I saw. The weather, the palm trees, the kindness of Spanish people and Spanish language of course. Of course, the atmosphere was a lot better because I had my friends by my side and throughout the whole trip we’ve been a support system for each other. Three weeks in another country doesn’t sound so much, but after you’re putten in a different environment for this long you start to miss your home and your loved ones. But this is kind of the best part because with that I’ve learned how to be independent. The whole experience was amazing and I hope it is not my last time, actually I know I’ll come here again. If not to study then just on a vacation.

Anja Student

Those places impressed me

This project was an amazing experience for me because I learned many things, I visited places which impressed me, I met wonderful people and I created memories which will never be forgotten. The workshops were interesting and interactive, managing to catch your attention very easily. I am very happy because I participated in this project and I would repeat this experience any time.

Paula Student

Beautiful Tenerife and awesome people

Erasmus + gave us the opportunity to go to Tenerife and get a lot of new knowledge. I was very excited to go on the trip because I have been in love with Spain and their culture since mine childhood. I was talking to local people in Spanish and have improved my Spanish. I am enthusiastic about Spanish people because they are so warm and friendly. Life in Spain is slower than ours and I like this a lot. The ocean is very nice and I like those big waves. If you are not careful enough, you quickly fall into the water.

Julija Student

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