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2–6 weeks

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Sports Students


Language & Culture


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Leisure Activities

Throughout Tenerife


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ERASMUS+ Internships for Apprentices | Vocational School & University Students

Sport Mobility Project

The Sport Mobility Project offers young athletes the chance to gain valuable and relevant qualifications through sporting internships. This program has proven to be successful in the development of talented athletes as it gives students the opportunity to build their confidence in coaching as they explore a variety of teaching techniques through adaptable sporting situations.

Sport Internships


Students will provide structured training in a wide variety of sporting activities and personal development initiatives, covering issues concerning lifestyle, communication, fitness and health. FU International Academy welcomes all athletes to participate in this program – from boxers and golfers to basketball and fencing players! – while giving them the chance to explore the tropical island of Tenerife through different leisure activities and group excursions.

Athletes start this program with a basic Spanish course in order to linguistically prepare for their work experience, specifically learning language associated with sports and coaching. After completing the language preparation, participants spend 2 to 4 weeks at their work placements in high schools, gyms or sport centers. Here, students work hands-on with local students and clients as they plan activities, oversee development and provide constructive feedback, which is guided and evaluated by qualified sporting instructors.

So join us in Tenerife, learn the best sporting practices of the day, and take home unforgettable memories as you go for the gold and pursue your dreams!

After-Class Activities

The school offers a wide range of on-site extracurricular activities and off-site activities to explore the island:

  • Weekly visits to Puerto de la Cruz’s Botanical Garden
  • Weekly salsa lessons
  • Weekly beach volleyball sessions
  • Weekly Spanish culture sessions
  • Visit to Loro Parque – the best modern zoo in the world
  • Visit to Siam Park – the water kingdom
  • Day trip to La Gomera, the neighboring island to Tenerife
  • Day trip to El Teide National Park – the third highest volcano in the world
  • Day trip to Masca and the Masca Canyon – hidden natural beauty in the Teno mountains
Siam Park

Erasmus+ Host

We are an experienced Erasmus+ host, therefore we know all the headaches organizing a mobility program can bring. To make things easier for you and your students, we will take care of all things organizational, so that the only thing you will need to take care of is to remember to pack your swimsuit and not miss your flight.


What will They learn?

Job-related skills and competences

Organizational and social skills


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