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Digital marketing skills for better career opportunities

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In today’s digital age, digital marketing has become imperative for businesses to communicate their message and reach their target market, in other words, it continues to grow and shape the way we communicate and build relationships with customers. However, digital marketing is not just beneficial for businesses, but also for individuals regardless of their profession. With a basic understanding of digital marketing, students are better positioned for the job market.

It is therefore the mission of this project to introduce students to every area within the digital marketing world and to show them how to confidently participate in adaptive business practices.

Digital Marketing Project

This project is specifically tailored to beginners who want to get started in the field of digital marketing, and want to gain valuable work experience in the area.

Groups of 10 to 20 students are invited to participate in daily workshops and practical training. Our series of workshops follow the principles of project-based learning, where students learn by doing or better said, by creating their own project.

Each workshop builds on each other, enabling students to reach their final goal: to create their own company, and own marketing strategy and materials.

Students will operate with the most popular and effective tools in the market when it comes to content creation and editing for marketing purposes, and will learn how to design a website, to create a podcast, and how to successfully use paid advertising for their advantage, among others.

While participating in the project, students will gain a broad set of transversal skills, such as improved English, and interpersonal skills.

The school offers a wide range of on-site extracurricular activities like salsa lessons, yoga sessions, beach volleyball jamming sessions, visits to the local Botanical Garden or surf lessons at local surf spots. The school also organizes a wide range of off-site activities to explore the island, like visits to the Teide National Park, whale-watching excursions to the breathtaking cliffs of Los Gigantes or day trips to Siam and Loro Park.

Our Digital Marketing Training for VET students follows the guidelines established by the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET). Therefore, students will gain the necessary experience to understand the requirements of the workplace, importance of positive attitudes and behaviors at work, while applying the knowledge gained during the workshops.

After completing the project, students get a certificate of attendance, listing all acquired competences.

Erasmus+ Host

We are an experienced Erasmus+ host, therefore we know all the headaches organizing a mobility program can bring. To make things easier for you and your students, we will take care of all things organizational, so that the only thing you will need to take care of is to remember to pack your swimsuit and not miss your flight.

Project Outcomes:

Professional skills

  • Core concepts of online marketing and best practices

  • Website design

  • Content creation

  • Application of SEO

  • Social Media Management and Marketing (Facebook and IG)

  • Photo and video editing

  • Tools: Trello, WordPress, Canva, Google Drive, Facebook Analytics, InShot, CapCut

Transversal skills

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Multilingual communication and sensitivity to multilingualism and multiculturalism

  • Openness and tolerance

  • Taking initiative

  • Independent working and enhaced sense of responsibility

  • Improved time-management skills

  • Improved adaptability to real-life scenarios

  • Improved English skills

  • Immersive learning experience into the Spanish culture and language


  • Weekly visits to Puerto de la Cruz’s Botanical Garden

  • Weekly salsa lessons

  • Weekly beach volleyball sessions

  • Weekly Spanish culture & wine tasting sessions

  • Visit to Loro Parque – the best modern zoo in the world

  • Visit to Siam Park – the water kingdom

  • Day trip to La Gomera, the neighboring island to Tenerife

  • Day trip to El Teide National Park – the third highest volcano in the world

  • Day trip to Masca and the Masca Canyon – hidden natural beauty in the Teno mountains

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Read what participants have to say about us:


This was a really wonderful experience that I will never forget.

I learned a lot about SEO, social media, creating my own website, writing articles, using hashtags, editing pictures and much more. All the knowledge I have gained will come in handy for school and also for my future life in general.

By living abroad, I had the opportunity to develop my spanish language skills and also improve my english by using it daily. I have also gained experience in my social life as I became more independent.

Neza Student


We got this great opportunity to come to FU International Academy and I will never forget it. I have learned a lot in these three weeks. I did not expect it to be so interesting and useful in the future. They showed me the world of Digital Marketing I’ve learned a lot, like how to create a landing page, what to put in the landing page that will get the attention.

I have also learned things about Social media that I didn’t know before. Things that they showed me are very useful and easy to use. We use tools such as Canva, Trello, Drive… I really liked working with Canva and creating pictures with it and that was very easy and fun to do because you don’t have to do much to make the photo perfect.

Anja Student

It was amazing!

I will miss Tenerife, I will miss FU-IA. This was an amazing experience and I won’t forget what happened here. The things that I learned will help me a lot in the future, being able to be an amateur digital marketer. This company, SEOintheSun, helped me understand how to work in digital marketing, how to talk with my client and how to start my own company. This was a great opportunity.

Andreea Student

SEOintheSun means a lot to me

SEOintheSun means a lot to me - here I learned how to use different programs such as Canva, Photoscape, Trello and of course, I met new people. Also, I discovered in this two weeks the beauty of the Island of Eternal Spring and I enjoyed fully every corner of Tenerife.
All the workshops were understandable and I was captivated by the information that our trainers gave to us. If I will have another chance to participate in this kind of project, I’m sure that I will come back here.

Sânziana Student

I can’t describe how much all this SEO and content marketing inspired me

In our three fantastic weeks we learned so much and not just on FU Academy but also managing our finances, and basically living on my own.
I can’t describe how much all this SEO and content marketing inspired me to make an website and earn money. ...Right away when I arrive to Slovenia I’ll make the best out of all these knowledge i’ve gained here and make a website.

Matej Student

¡Adios Tenerife, hasta la próxima!

At FU International Academy I learned about things that I am very interested in and school was never boring. We wrote blog posts, created Facebook business pages and landing pages, worked with Wordpress, Canva, Trello, Google plugins, Photoscape, etc. Our trainers were one of the best teachers we ever had. We learned about programs and things that will be useful and beneficial in our school and professional life. Now it’s much easier to understand how marketing and social media works and how are companies using it.

Irma Student

I can grow my business now!

My experience with this Erasmus + project was a very enjoyable one because I met new people and I learned with SEOintheSun how Digital Marketing works and how I can grow my business. This week in this company I really enjoyed the seminar when I learned how Google works and how to optimize and how to increase traffic on my site. I wish to come back!

Alexandru Student

The Day I Joined the Project Changed Everything

The Erasmus + project in Tenerife was probably the best thing that could happen, not only because I learned a lot of new things, but also because I discovered that I might be interested in digital marketing and felt very good when I wrote articles.

The experience really gave me motivation for the future, to go study abroad, to try new things and to succeed. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life and I am sure it will help me in my career.

Lara Student

I would really like to stay here more

In this three weeks, I have learned a lot about digital marketing, creating web pages, editing images, writing blogs and so on. I know that what I learned here it is going to help me a lot in upcoming projects, schoolwork and similar. Trainers here are very kind, full of energy and will help you with any kind of problem. On FU Academy we also learned how to dance salsa and flamenco and little about Spanish culture.

Of course, we’ve had some interesting excursions like Loro Parque and El Teide. They were both very nice but I liked the El Teide more because nature there is fascinating.

Jošt Student

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