Stress Management Course

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Starting Dates in 2022: 25.04., 11.07., 15.08., 26.09., 31.10.
Starting Dates in 2023: 30.01., 10.04., 29.05., 07.08., 09.10.

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Stress Management Course

Learn how to prevent & manage stress!

In this course, you will explore the nature of stress and the techniques of managing it, such as time management, the art of saying „no“, mindfullness and creativity.

After the course, you will be able to feel and manage your emotionsreduce stress impact and increase your level of happiness in every moment of your life. It will be much easier to increase the energy inflow & recharge your batteries.

This course combines the classroom theory in the morning and practical modules in beautiful outdoor places in the afternoon.

Skills and Competences:

  • Prevention of burnout and exhaustion

  • Reduction of stress impact and increase of happiness.

  • Education in stress management tools and techniques.

  • Creation of healthy routines.

  • Better knowledge of yourself and your personal development.

  • Improvement of foreign language and cultural competences.

  • Development of pedagogical and communication skills.

  • Improvement of children’s performance.

  • Protection of children from stressful situations and development of their ability to respond to stressful events in a positive way.

Daily Program:

  • Introduction and course overview
  • Individual expectations and goals
  • Breakfast in the FU café
  • “What is stress?” Definition and types 
  • Analyzing your capacities
  • Outdoor activity: practicing physical relaxation techniques

  • Reaction to stress and stress models: transactional, fight-or-flight response, G.A.S.
  • Symptoms of stress
  • Assessing your personal stress triggers: stress diary and stress scale
  • Building a supportive network in the workplace
  • Getting enough exercise and sleep
  • Exploring Mindfulness
  • Outdoor activity: Mindful walking through Puerto de la Cruz. 

  • Mastering time management
  • Managing your boundaries
  • Learning to be assertive
  • Saying “Yes” to the person, “No” to the task
  • Outdoor activity: healthy picnic and discussion on nutrition

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Managing negative emotions at work
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Developing positive thinking
  • ABC technique
  • Affirmations
  • Visualization and Imagery
  • Creativity workshop

  • Outdoor activity: Pilates on the beach – a workout for body and mind
  • Increasing well-being in your life
  • Analysing your own successful responses to stress
  • Wrap-up of the course
  • Diploma awarding

*NOTE: The Program can change depending on the weather conditions


  • Students are offered many free leisure activities, including a visit to the botanical garden, surf trials, salsa and flamenco lessons, Spanish culture introduction and volleyball.

  • Visit Loro Parque – the famous parrot paradise

  • Spend a fun day at Siam Park – the water kingdom of Europe

  • Travel to La Gomera, and spend the day at this beautiful neighbouring island of Tenerife

  • Take a hiking trip in Maska to check out the hidden miracles of the island

  • Visit the world’s third largest volcano on a day trip to Las Cañadas del Teide

“The course left a lot of positive emotions and knowledge that I will definitely use in the future! I had some concerns about the content, as I am quite skeptical about the spiritual practices. I totally changed my mind!

The lecturer is amazing! A very pleasant young woman.

We had an opportunity to combine class activities and outdoor, which is great!  After this course, you will learn how to manage time and think positively, how to increase productivity and feel less tired at the same time!!! Thank you so much!”

Valeria Taggart
“I found this course very useful and helpful for me. I liked mix of theory and activities. 

Our lecturer Olga was a very professional and interesting speaker.

I loved to interact with other students, we had a lot of fun.

I think that the knowledge what I learned in this course I can use in my every day and professional life.”

Ksenia Malysheva

“Our huge thank you for the whole week. I’m writing with the permission of our whole group (Blanka, Renata, Marie, Petr).

We spent a wonderful time on the island (the nature is really amazing) and attended a useful course for our personal as well as work-life under your “nonviolent” leadership.

You structured the topic and changed the activities very well. We enjoyed it. Thanks for the handout. It is for the first time we’ve got some materials with an overview from the mobility course.”

Marie Apriasová

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