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Language Preparation

For Students for Internship Placements

Teacher Course

For Non-native Spanish Teachers

Language preparation for work placement

FU International Academy offers intensive language courses to specifically prepare students for internship placements in various fields (i.e. sports, hospitality, hair and beauty, etc). Over the course of 20-30 lessons per week, we use interactive and practical activities as well as interactive technology to develop the necessary skills for communicating in different work situations. We use a variety of supportive teaching materials to enhance this comprehension, including documents, catalogs, Internet, video recordings, selected literature and audiovisual material. These resources adequately equip interns with all relevant language skills needed to effectively accomplish tasks and duties in real work-life settings.

Business Spanish

Multilingualism is one of the most welcomed skills at any company, as it allows you to have more learning opportunities and advances your networking abilities while giving you a better chance to land a promotion or new job. The objectives of this course are as follows:

  • Improve your communication skills: Meetings, presentations, negotiations, etc.
  • Get to know the rules of written communication: Letters, emails, reports
  • Learn interesting facts about Marketing and Advertising in Spain
  • Become familiar with Spanish culture

Spanish in Hospitality and Tourism

This course is designed for people interested in working in the tourism or hospitality industry. This course is open to anyone – no previous Spanish knowledge required! – and you will be offered internship opportunities in hotels and travel agencies throughout the Canary Islands upon completion. These lessons will focus more specifically on the following factors:

  • Welcoming and interacting with guests
  • Describing, comparing and promoting facilities, attractions and events
  • Dealing with workplace invoices, client’s receipts, faxes, emails, etc.
  • Describing meals and ingredients
  • Serving at a restaurant or bar
  • Offering advice to clients
  • Telephone interaction and inquiries

Language and methodology course for non-native Spanish teachers

This course discusses the problems and challenges of teaching Spanish as a foreign language while sharing ideas, effective techniques and methodology. Participants will be introduced to the newest technology and programs used in the classrooms, reflecting on the role of an educator in the 21st century.

Courses include 30 lessons a week, including language, didactic and methodology teacher training, plus five lessons of cultural integrations. Each lesson will focus on group dynamics, linguistic skills, speaking and writing competences, observation of real-time lessons, cultural sessions and additional courses if required. Please see our main page for more information: Teacher Courses.

Teachers can now cover the following cost through Erasmus+ funds: Travel costs, individual support, course support and organizational support. You can find out more about Erasmus+ funds here:

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Enter the digital world by learning the best practices in Online Marketing including SEO, Social Media advertisements, Content Creation and more.



Enhance your professional development with Erasmus+ as you improve your Spanish and Digital Marketing skills.



Gain confidence in your coaching abilities as you explore sporting and personal development initiatives while working in schools and clubs.



Work in popular spas and salons throughout Tenerife, managing day-to-day responsibilities while learning new treatments.



Work hands-on with local clients and trainers as you complete different tasks in relation to hotel and restaurant management.



Can’t find what you’re looking for? Our tailor-made projects are specifically designed to give you everything you need to thrive in your chosen sector.



6 German Erasmus+ mobility students received one week of intensive Spanish classes before heading off to the internship in Puerto de la Cruz

German Hospitality Students

We hosted 11 students from Turkey for a two-week training programme at our school in terms of the Erasmus+ Mobility Project.

Turkish Students in Spain!

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