Igniting Creativity Course

Use imaginative approaches to make learning more interesting, engaging, exciting and effective

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Igniting Creativity Course

Use imaginative approaches to make learning more interesting, engaging, exciting and effective

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In this 5 day Erasmus+ Training for Teachers in beautiful Tenerife, we will unleash our creative brain through a variety of activities. Let’s explore together the art of words, drama, painting, dancing & moving and the art of making things. 

This course aims at providing the necessary tools for students and teachers to spark their creativity and color their daily practice. 

By encouraging everyone’s imagination, curiosity, engagement, and fun, a warm atmosphere will be created at school where every participant will feel inspired to thrive. We will spark teachers’ individuality and originality by exploring together a variety of up-to-date inspirational techniques to develop strategic lesson plans. In this course, we will cover all the stages involved in teaching, including 

✓ class management

✓ preparation and delivery

✓ assessing

✓ school organization, and 

✓ communication with parents. 

Through different activities, we will learn how peers relate and interact in order to improve their relationships. Additionally, we will provide multiple resources to construct a gamified practice that will generate a school full of attention, acceptance, appreciation, and affection, a school that embraces and allows every person to express their true self. The goal is to make our classrooms even more enjoyable, stimulating and engaging by playing around, researching and assessing our own roles. The focus will also be on how to deliver learning and how to measure results. This course will provide you with novel and useful ways to promote student growth through the development of original thought and action. 

Is your life lacking in creativity?

It’s no wonder! In fact, tapping into your creative energy can actually improve your health. It might sound too good to be true, but simply engaging in creative behaviors, such as painting, potting plants or cooking new recipes, improves brain function and mental health. 

The essential elements of creation are inspiration and imagination. We will explore our unconscious beliefs about our own creativity in order to break through them. As a result, our homes, schools, and workplaces will be filled with colourful ideas.

“Igniting Creativity” Course at a glance

  • Using creativity in your day-to-day life

  • Following your impulses for creative breakthrough

  • Breaking through a creative block

  • Avoiding being over-judgemental and perfectionist

  • Understanding different forms of art

  • Developing creative learning


Your Trainer

María Hernández

I am a fully qualified translator with two masters in teaching and twelve years experience in the field. I’ve taught all levels around the world, from primary school to adult education, in both public and private schools. I’ve also trained and performed as a dancer and actress, and I have qualified as a dance and movement and theatre therapy. Teaching, dancing and theatre are my passions, and I keep feeding my curiosity by learning new things.

Daily Program:

The art of words

Getting familiar with our unconscious brain patterns

Grounding some terminology

Breaking barriers with imagination

Stepping out of our comfort zone

Embrace reading for the sake of reading

Playing with words

The art of drama

Body, words, gestures & writing

Drama & creative thinking

Drama as tool for better communication

Drama for conflict resolution

Drama for self observation & self inquiry

The art of painting

Creativity, an expressing paradigm

Endorphins & creativity

Creativity, our secret advantage for mental health & well-being

Drawing & painting activity

Drawing together

Mandala drawing

The art of dancing & moving

Dancing for creativity

Observing the way we move

We are what we move

Using movement to interact with others

Body posture & body awareness

Team building activities through dance & movement

Making things


The art of handcrafting

Creativity into your daily practice

Final project evaluation & discussion

What happens next?

Leisure Time Activities

Participants are offered many free leisure activities in the afternoon, including:

A visit to the botanical garden

Beach volleybal

Surf trial lesson
*paid activity

Salsa lesson

Yoga session

On the weekend we can organise:

Loro Parque

A visit to Loro Parque, the world’s Nº 1 zoo


A fun day at Siam Park – the water kingdom of Europe


A travel day to the neighbouring island La Gomera, the hippie paradise


A hiking trip to magic Masca valley


An excursion to the Nº 1 destination of the Canary Islands: the Teide National Park


Don’t miss out on this course.

Since it will lead you (and your students) to an explosion of creativity, resulting in an unparalleled learning experience.