Effective Self-Management Course

& Outdoor Activities

Starting Dates in 2023: 20.02., 13.03., 15.05., 17.07., 27.11.

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Effective Self-Management with outdoor activities

Explore the essence of self-management and learn about yourself! In this course, we will combine the classroom theory with practical modules in the beautiful setting of Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, and explore concepts & techniques such as goal setting, time & stress management, mindfullness, motivation and conflict management.

As a result, you will better know yourself, your values, strengths & weaknesses. You will learn how to control your actions & feelings, and keep yourself motivated & focused.

What you acquire in this course, you can later implement & transfer onto the people you work with to create healthy routines and to build trustful relationships.

Skills and Competences:

  • Prevention of burnout and exhaustion

  • Reduction of stress impact and increase of happiness.

  • Education in stress management tools and techniques.

  • Creation of healthy routines.

  • Better knowledge of yourself and your personal development.

  • Improvement of foreign language and cultural competences.

  • Development of pedagogical and communication skills.

  • Improvement of children’s performance.

  • Protection of children from stressful situations and development of their ability to respond to stressful events in a positive way.

Daily Program:

  • Welcome speech
  • Introduction and course overview
  • Individual expectations and goals
  • Breakfast in the FU café
  • “What is self-management?” Definition and components
  • Developing self-awareness
  • Determining your values
  • Exploring your strengths and weaknesses
  • Outdoor activity: practicing self-regulation techniques.

  • Personal goal setting
  • Mastering time management
  • Importance of saying “no”
  • Learning to be assertive
  • Increasing focus via mindfulness
  • Outdoor activity: mindful walking through Puerto de la Cruz.

  • Managing stress in your life
  • ABC technique
  • Developing thought awareness
  • Affirmation, visualization and imagery
  • Getting enough exercise and sleep
  • Outdoor activity: healthy picnic and discussion on nutrition

  • Managing negative emotions at work
  • Mastering conflict resolution skills
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Maintaining personal boundaries
  • Building a supportive network in the workplace
  • Creativity workshop: to be determined

  • Outdoor activity: Pilates on the beach – a workout for body and mind
  • Building an organisational system
  • Tactics for self-motivation
  • Increasing well-being in your life
  • Wrap-up of the course
  • Diploma awarding

*NOTE: The Program can change depending on the weather conditions

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  • Students are offered many free leisure activities, including a visit to the botanical garden, surf trials, salsa and flamenco lessons, Spanish culture introduction and volleyball.

  • Visit Loro Parque – the famous parrot paradise

  • Spend a fun day at Siam Park – the water kingdom of Europe

  • Travel to La Gomera, and spend the day at this beautiful neighbouring island of Tenerife

  • Take a hiking trip in Maska to check out the hidden miracles of the island

  • Visit the world’s third largest volcano on a day trip to Las Cañadas del Teide

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