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The hands-on practical approach to Digital Marketing

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Next Starting Dates in 2022 🗓 22.08., 05.09., 07.11.

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Learn the essentials of digital marketing on the beautiful island of Tenerife!

In 30 hours during one week, you will learn the basics of website optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization & more.

You will be invited to participate in daily seminars & workshops while also having the chance to explore the tropical island of Tenerife & its culture either with our leisure activities or on your own – you will still have plenty of time for that!

And on top of completing the training, you will receive a certificate with the list of finished courses!

Daily Program:


  • Introduction to Digital Marketing – 45 min Seminar
  • Webdesign & UX Audit – What Makes a Great Website – 45 min Seminar
  • Conducting A Website Audit (Checklist) – 45 min Demonstration
  • Conducting Your Own Website Audit – 45 min Workshop
  • Landing Pages – How to Use Them – 45 min Seminar
  • Writing Your Own Website Audit Reports – Practical Training

Following our introductory seminar on Digital Marketing, day 1 will consist of different modules, each related to creating effective websites.

First, you’ll learn key elements of what makes a good website, followed by a demonstration of how to conduct a website audit.

After the demonstration, you will conduct your own website audit in a workshop and write your website audit report. This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of your site’s current effectiveness.


  • Introduction to SEO – 45 min Seminar
  • Introduction to Keyword Research – 45 min Seminar
  • Conducting Your Own Keyword Research – 45 min Workshop
  • Elements of an SEO Site Audi– 45 min Demonstration / Workshop
  • Onsite Optimization with Keywords – 45 min Seminar
  • Onsite SEO – Practical Training

On day 2, we’ll teach you the essentials of Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, we will analyse your website and you will learn all about keyword research.

After the seminar introducing the key elements of SEO, we’ll show you in a live demonstration how to search for the right keywords and conduct a Ranking Status Report.

You’ll wrap up your day with hands-on practical training, where you will work independently to look for keywords relevant to your own business and also optimize your website.


  • Introduction to Content Marketing – 45 min Seminar
  • (Copy-)Writing for the Web – 45 min Seminar
  • The Content Quality Audit – 45 min Workshop
  • The Elements of a Content Strategy – 45 min Demonstration
  • Creating Your Content Strategy – 45 min Workshop
  • Plan Your Next 12 Blog Posts Based on a Keyword Research – Practical Training

On day 3, we’ll teach you the concepts of content marketing and how to implement these strategies in your business. You will learn to write in such a way that your audience will love to consume your content.

After the seminar introducing the key elements of Content Marketing, we’ll show you how to conduct a content quality audit in order to optimize your content and to create a strategy.

At the end of the day during the workshop you will create your own content strategy.


  • Social Media & The Right Platform for You – 45 min Seminar
  • Your Social Media Activities on Autopilot – 45 min Demonstration
  • Creating a Social Media Audit – 45 min Demonstration
  • Conducting Your Own Social Media Audit – 45 min Workshop
  • Creating a Social Media Strategy – 45 min Demonstration
  • Create Your Social Media Plan for One Month – Practical Training

Social Media is one of the most useful techniques for increasing website traffic in today’s marketing environment. On day 4 you’ll learn how to optimize your social media efforts in order to get the most out of this free marketing technique.

We’ll show you the best social media practices and platforms for your business, as well as powerful tools to put your social media activities on Autopilot.

You will be conducting your very own social media audit in a workshop and will use this data to create the social media strategy for your institution.


  • The Elements of Paid Advertisement Campaigns – 45 min Seminar
  • The Best Audience Type for Your Campaign  – 45 min Seminar
  • Creating a Facebook Ad Campaign – 45 min Demonstration
  • Creating Your Own Facebook Ad Campaign – Practical Training
  • Feedback Session, Testimonials, Certificates

Day 5 tackles the topic of paid online advertising and why it can be useful to you.

We’ll create a Facebook ad campaign from scratch in a live demonstration and apply the learnings to your business or institution in a practical workshop. Also, we’ll discover the different ways how to create the best performing target audiences.

At the end of the day, we’ll wrap the course up with certificates and we’ll kindly ask you to complete a short feedback survey.


  • Students are offered many free leisure activities, including a visit to the botanical garden, salsa lessons, yoga classes and volleyball.

  • Visit Loro Parque – the famous parrot paradise

  • Spend a fun day at Siam Park – the water kingdom of Europe

  • Travel to La Gomera, and spend the day at this beautiful neighbouring island of Tenerife

  • Take a hiking trip in Maska to check out the hidden miracles of the island

  • Visit the world’s third largest volcano on a day trip to Las Cañadas del Teide

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Our Recent Projects


A mixed group ready for a marketing course!

An international group from Belgium, Croatia, and Germany came to our academy to join a digital marketing strategy course. They were enjoying all the lessons since the beginning and being really proactive in classes so we had a very nice environment at our school. 

After the course they got their diploma and yeah, a picture with our beloved Albatros boat… 😉 


Tailor made project to learn about Spanish educational centers

Do you know that we can also create tailored projects?

This time a staff mobility group from Poland wanted to visit local vocational schools to learn a little more about the Spanish education system and see different points of view to apply new strokes from other schools at their own center.

This can help them to get a greater understanding of what the different schools do and what their goals are.


Let’s take a deep breath on our stress management course

We had a quick course of one week about stress relief.

Six students from Belgium and Ireland came to join us and learn how to manage high levels of pressure. After a few days, they were capable of relieving the tension of long work journeys.

We had such nice weather lately so as an added value, they enjoyed our local beaches and hike routes!


Project management & video editing for Slovenian teachers

A group of 12 teachers from Slovenia joined our Project Management + Video Editing course in Tenerife. This course was designed to motivate them to become more effective communicators, and to give them the tools to build better relationships with their students. The teachers were able to improve their communication skills as well as build their confidence when communicating with one another.


Learn how to relax

Last month six students enrolled in a stress management course to enhance stress reduction skills and use them in the future.

This is an interesting concept, we think that students who have a heavy schedule are often stressed. This idea can help them develop the ability to take a break from work and relax. Stress can impact all aspects of their lives. In addition to that, a stressful job may lead to a bad performance in every aspect of daily life.

Come and join us in this wonderful course!


From Croatia and Lithuania to Tenerife

Five persons from Croatia and Lithuania came to our headquarters in Tenerife to attend our Staff Mobility course. They were all from different backgrounds and worked in different departments.

All of them enjoyed their work and had a lot of great ideas about the department and how to improve it. We are sure that they’ll improve their teaching skills up to 100%!


21st century soft skills for teachers in VET

Nowadays European economies are driven by globalization, the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) and the diversity of values in society. Students, who are at schools now, should learn to live in a world that is constantly changing and in the future be prepared unprecedented economic, political, social and cultural environment.

“21st century soft skills for teachers in VET” Project aims to train and educate teachers in vocational education and training institutions, prepare them so that they are ready for working with most essential 21st century soft skills during their classes with their students.

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