“Basics of Empathic Communication”
– Course

Learn the steps to understand and improve your relationship with yourself, and the world around you in our life-changing 5-day course in Tenerife

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“Basics of Empathic Communication” – Course

Learn the steps to understand and improve your relationship with yourself, and the world around you in our life-changing 5-day course in Tenerife

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The truth is that empathy is not taught in schools, and that is a big problem.

Not to mention that empathy is an extremely important skill to have in order to succeed at work and in relationships. Many people believe that being empathic means being able to read others. But in reality empathy can be a much deeper and more personal ability to connect with others which is crucial to happiness and success. But so often it’s a struggle! We’re so often confused by our own thoughts, feelings and behaviors that it makes us unable to understand others. It makes it harder to share our ideas, opinions and goals. And we end up feeling lonely and unfulfilled.

In our course you’ll learn the practical tools and methods to overcome the communication struggle. You’ll be able to support yourself, your relationships, and cooperation in your everyday work.

The training is based on NVC (Nonviolent Communication) approach which is often called “language of life”. It helps us to communicate with honesty, respect and compassion, create high quality of connection and step beyond the binaries of “good” or “bad”. 

Nonviolent communication can be a game changer in the way we talk and listen to each other. It helps to transform our communities into environments where people thrive and contribute.

We’ll learn the NVC approach together step by step through understanding feelings and needs, raising self-awareness and practical exercises on improving communication skills. 

The training is led in a process-oriented way, which means that content and methods are being adjusted to every group and its needs. You’ll experience different methods involving cognitive thinking (short inputs, collecting knowledge), emotional intelligence (teamwork, examples from everyday life) and self-reflection (individual tasks, self-assessment). This mix provides a good learning experience and helps participants to be involved and achieve their own learning goals with support of the trainer.

Basics of Empathic Communication Course at a glance

  • Learn the basics of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

  • Get to know and practice NVC 4 steps model

  • Learn how to express what really matters to you and hear what really matters to others

  • Learn how to use your emotions

  • Develop dialogue competence as one of the key competences for future

  • Connect to what you really want and stand up for your needs

  • Raise your awareness of feelings and needs

  • Understand and practice empathy for others and yourself

  • Get equipped by materials and exercises for self practice after the training


You’ll develop the following skills & competences:

Betka Wojcik

Your Trainer

Bětka Wójcik

My name is Bětka and I work as a trainer and facilitator. Since 2010 I have been working with civil society organisations, individuals and groups across Europe and co-created projects and complex programs which empower young people, changemakers and communities.

I’m passionate about non-formal education, creating safe spaces for real exchange and learning together. My expertise includes dialogue and empathic communication (NVC), youth empowerment, competency-oriented learning, civic and non-formal education.

Several years ago I came across Nonviolent Communication and it was a real game changer for me. It became the essence of my life and work with people. At my work I can observe how it changes people’s lives, relationships and communities.

Daily Program:


Getting to know each other

Introduction and individual expectations and learning goals

Basis of NVC – about the approach and basic assumptions


4 steps to understand yourself and others: 1st step – observations

4 steps to understand yourself and others: 2nd step – feelings

4 steps to understand yourself and others: 3rd step – needs

Self empathy


4 steps to understand yourself and others: 4th step – requests

4 steps to the connection – practice

Empathy for another person


Transforming difficult and strong judgements into the connection

4 ways to hear difficult message

Communication barriers and how to overcome them?


My personal practices

Gratitude and resilience


Leisure Time Activities

Participants are offered many free leisure activities in the afternoon, including:

A visit to the botanical garden

Beach volleybal

Surf trial lesson
*paid activity

Salsa lesson

Yoga session

On the weekend we can organise:

Loro Parque

A visit to Loro Parque, the world’s Nº 1 zoo


A fun day at Siam Park – the water kingdom of Europe


A travel day to the neighbouring island La Gomera, the hippie paradise


A hiking trip to magic Masca valley


An excursion to the Nº 1 destination of the Canary Islands: the Teide National Park

Betka Wojcik

You too can become an excellent communicator

Let me help you on the journey. I’ve worked with hundreds of people to improve their communication skills with the “Nonviolent Communication” approach.

If you want to achieve the same, this is the place to start.